Admitting Desk


The admitting desk is located just inside the lobby doors of the Women and Children’s Center. Our admitting personnel will verify that you are pre-registered, make a copy of your insurance card and put your patient identification band on your wrist before taking you up to the Women and Infants Center for your stay.

Information Desk


The Women and Infants Center Information Desk is located just off the elevators. You will check in at the desk and then be taken to one of our labor suites. The Information Desk is also where your family and friends should come if they come to visit you during your hospital stay. Our staff will direct them to your room.


Labor Suites


Our labor suites were designed with you in mind. All of the equipment that may be needed for your delivery is available within each room but it remains out of sight until it is needed. Our home-like touches include a glider rocker, artwork, a soothing color palette and a couch that converts to a bed for your support person. All of our labor suites have private bathrooms with shower and flat screen televisions with DVD players.



Your baby's care is important. 


After spending some time cuddled “skin to skin” on your chest after his or her birth, your baby will be cared for at your bedside in the infant alcove. Items that your baby might need during your stay can be stored in the drawers under his or her bed.