Visiting Policy

  • Two parents and two care partners are allowed.
  • Individuals must remain the same throughout the entire NICU stay.
  • Two people will be allowed in the room at once.

Beyond the NICU


Beyond the NICU is a pre-term infant home care nursing program to help premature babies and their families make a smooth transition from the hospital to home in both the Springfield and Decatur areas. A specially trained nurse meets with eligible parents in the hospital before discharge and then visits the home regularly for the next 18 months to monitor the child’s health and development, assist with resource needs, such as child care, food and diapers, and help coordinate follow-up care with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. 


Kaden's story

Shayla and Sam received care for their high-risk pregnancy and delivery at St. John's Hospital where baby Kaden could grow in the new private, expanded and innovative NICU. 

NICU Follow-Up & Developmental Continuity Clinics


These are free, developmental clinics for NICU graduates. St. John's staff members monitor the development of these children for three years to look for delays in development (language, social skills, intellect and fine and gross motor skills). If there are concerns, NICU staff members refer parents to services that can help the child be his or her best.


NICU Graduate Program


The NICU Graduate Program is a medical follow-up clinic for infants who had a complicated course of treatment while in the NICU and may require oxygen, tracheostomy tubes, feeding tubes or other special equipment at home.

Children coming to the NICU Graduate Program can expect to see a neonatologist, a registered nurse and a registered dietitian. This clinic is free of charge.

Cuddling Team


Volunteers spend time cuddling and reading to the babies in the neonatal intensive care unit in HSHS St. John's Children's Hospital.

Mizeur's Story

The Mizeurs knew HSHS St. John’s Hospital provides a higher level of care for moms and babies. So, they delivered their daughter Kinsley at St. John’s. “They were loving and warm. I felt like they were my friends, not nurses. They cared.”