In the pre-surgery area, a nurse will do five things:

  1. Take your child’s height
  2. Take your child’s weight
  3. Take your child’s temperature (an ear thermometer)
  4. Check your child’s blood pressure (a big hug)
  5. Ask if your child is hurting anywhere

The nurse will talk to you and your child about the surgery. The nurse will show you and your child the special hospital gown your child will wear during surgery and recovery.

You may be asked the same questions several times about your child’s health history and “when was the last time your child had anything to eat or drink?” These questions ensure your child’s safety on the day of surgery.



A child life specialist may come and talk to your child. This individual will talk about getting to sleep and will look through a book with pictures about their surgery day. Play is important for all children. If time allows opportunities to play and ask questions will be given.



An anesthesiologist also will talk to you and your child before surgery. At this time your child may also be given a medicine called “versed.” This medicine helps your child relax. It may be given orally or intravenously (through the IV). Do not hesitate to ask questions.



When it is time for surgery a nurse will come and ask several questions, make sure your child’s identification band is correct and that the consent forms are signed. Then your child will go to surgery. At this time parents/caregivers should go and wait in one of the surgery family lounges. A staff member will keep you informed about your child's progress and let you know when you can be reunited with your child in the recovery area.