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Community Health Needs Assessment


To best serve our community, HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment every 3 years. Surveys and interviews of local residents are conducted to gather information for the needs assessment. Additional information from the Clinton County Health Department as well as local, state and national data is integrated into the needs assessment report.

The purpose of the assessment is to identify key areas of health care needs in our community and to prioritize those needs. St. Joseph's Hospital uses the information to identify available resources and to plan future efforts to improve the health status of persons living in the Breese and surrounding areas.

2018 Community Health Needs Assessment Report | 2018 Implementation Plan
2015 Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Plan

Community Benefit


HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese is an affiliate of Hospital Sisters Health System, a health care ministry that includes 14 hospitals, scores of community-based health centers and clinics, along with hundreds of physician partners across Illinois and Wisconsin.

Our Mission – which is shared with our HSHS sister affiliates and colleagues – is to reveal and embody Christ’s healing love for all people through our high-quality Franciscan health care ministry. We live our Mission by healing those who seek our care, as well as through our Community Benefit initiatives. Utilizing the resources readily available to us on a daily basis, as well as calling on the spirit of our Franciscan Heritage, to publicly demonstrate our Core Values of Respect, Care, Competence, and Joy, our Community Benefit efforts are successfully expanding access to care, improving the health status of residents, and furthering medical education and knowledge.

Beyond any dollars invested in our Community Benefit programs, St. Joseph's Hospital also continues to reinvest any surplus revenue from operations and investments into new medical technology, facility infrastructure and health care services in our communities. By doing so, we ensure we are able to meet the ongoing demand for high-quality, efficient and easily accessible health care.

Recognizing that the health care delivery model in the U.S. is evolving, St. Joseph's Hospital remains focused on coordinating the delivery of care around the needs of each patient.



Government Resources

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention


The Centers for Disease Control offers online sources for credible health information. Some notable areas of disease specific information include:


Heart Failure


Zika Virus | Download the CDC Zika Virus Flyer

Health Care Reform


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