HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese invites senior citizens, as well as those who care for a loved one or an older population of clients, to another in a series of free dinner presentations entitled “Caring for our Greatest Generation.” The focus of the summer 2017 event will be “Strategies for Staying Positive.”
Seniors deal with a variety of age-related challenges, making them especially susceptible to depression and anxiety. An empty nest, retirement, sickness, or the passing of a loved one or peers can lead to loneliness. Frustration comes as aches and pains increase, while physical abilities decrease, and the independence, control and privileges once taken for granted, are taken away. Loss is hard for everyone, but it becomes inevitable as we age, and dealing with the resulting grief can be difficult.
Attend this free talk in the Breese hospital cafeteria the evening of Wednesday, June 28, to learn to identify and deal with issues in yourself, a loved one, your clients or your patients. Professionals from St. Joseph’s Senior Renewal will address the various roadblocks of aging and the emotional issues that are often the result, along with specific steps to overcome them. Director of Social Services Barbara Berndsen will also be on hand to explain the importance of having a plan in place for long-term care and to answer any questions.
Doors will open at 4:45 p.m. for the simple dinner beginning at 5:00. Presentations will begin at 5:30, followed by questions and attendance prize drawings at 6:30. Space is limited. To help us prepare, please register by noon on Thursday, June 22. Leave a message with the names and phone numbers of those attending at (618) 526-1421 or email the information to ruth.zurliene@hshs.org.

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