Free blood pressure checks will be available from 8 to 9 a.m. on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, Feb. 14, in the HSHS St. Joseph’s Breese Emergency Room triage area. Due to construction, please park in the front lot and use the new Emergency Room Entrance near the registration area. Upon reaching the Emergency Department, please ring the buzzer for service.

Screenings, such as these offered each month at the hospital and at the spring and fall health fairs, help identify potential problems or monitor an existing situation.

According to the American Heart Association, the higher the blood pressure, the greater the chance of heart attack, heart failure, stroke and kidney disease. Early identification can prompt lifestyle changes and treatment options resulting in less disease later in life.

At one time, readings in the 140/90 range were acceptable but now, those with a reading of 120 to 139 over 80 to 89 are considered pre-hypertensive. They are at a higher risk and more likely to require medication.

Take the opportunity of this special day to recommend the free blood pressure check to someone you love.

Everyone who is checked will receive a free Valentine’s Day gift.

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