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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I always use HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital or HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital for services?

Yes, patients can continue to use our hospital services. ALWAYS. You have the choice no matter what. Even if your doctor tells you that you must have a procedure at another hospital. You can say “I want my procedure at St. Joseph’s or Sacred Heart.”

Do St. Joseph’s and Sacred Heart hospitals accept my insurance?

We accept many insurance plans, including Security Health Plan. To view the full list, click here.

My doctor says they are not able to care for me at an HSHS hospital, but I prefer St. Joseph's or Sacred Heart. Can I still get care there?

Yes. If your doctor says they won’t care for you at an HSHS facility, you still have the right to ask for and use HSHS. Your care will not be compromised in any way. Our scope of services has not changed.

Please note that your primary physician may not be able to see you at any hospital in the region, because most hospitals entrust care to hospitalists. These are physicians who care for patients while they are hospitalized — both at HSHS St. Joseph's and Sacred Heart, and at other hospitals in the area.

I just learned that my doctor does not have privileges at St. Joseph's or Sacred Heart Hospital. Can I still get care there?

Yes. We have doctors who would be more than happy to make sure you receive high-quality care and who would report back to your primary physician. We have an open medical staff. We accept properly credentialed and vetted physicians regardless of their affiliation.

My OB/GYN doctor is unable to care for me at St. Joseph's or Sacred Heart Hospital. If I am in labor, can I go to an HSHS hospital?

Whether you are in active labor or in an emergency medical situation, you have the right to choose the closest medical facility and not worry about whether or not your doctor has privileges at our hospital. EMTALA is a law designed to protect you. You will receive a medical screening examination and receive the care and treatment you need. High quality care will be provided regardless of physician affiliation, and most insurance programs include the HSHS network.

What doctors are affiliated with St. Joseph's and Sacred Heart Hospitals?

There are many physicians who have privileges and can care for you at HSHS hospitals. For a directory of providers and specialties, click here.