Tips for better quality sleep

Eau Claire, WI – Summer in Wisconsin means more daylight hours, which could negatively impact sleep schedules.

As part of Better Sleep Month, HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital’s accredited Sleep Disorders Center has tips to keep kids fully rested during summer months. 

  • Limit the use of electronics one hour prior to bed to prepare bodies and brains for sleep
  • Try not to deviate from a normal bedtime for more than two days in a row
  • Do not go to bed hungry
  • Keep the bedroom temperature cooler than the rest of the house
  • Avoid caffeine four to six hours before bedtime

Kelly Schmidt, HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital Sleep Disorders Center facilitator says it’s always best to stay in a routine when it comes to bedtime and wake time, no matter the season. “It’s difficult to get kids to bed when it’s still light outside, so allowing them to stay up a bit later is okay, but try not to deviate more than one hour because sleep is just as important as the air you breathe.”

Schmidt says if you notice hyperactivity, sudden changes in behavior or prolonged extreme tiredness during the day, children may not be getting enough quality sleep. “Children, on average, need eight to 10 hours of sleep depending on their age,” she says. “That doesn’t change during summer break or on holidays.” 

There are more than 80 identified sleep disorders and sometimes the cause has nothing to do with actual lack of sleep, according to Schmidt. She says stress, depression, a change in family dynamics, a new caregiver and other life adjustments can lead to trouble sleeping.

If you have concerns about sleep patterns, or have difficulties falling or staying asleep, contact the HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital Sleep Disorders Center at 715-717-4933, or learn more on our website.


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