Things to Bring


What you need to bring with you:

  • health insurance cards or a photo ID

  • physician orders or any pertinent information related to your visit

  • Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney or written orders

It is strongly recommended that you arrange to have a friend or family member take care of your valuables while you are staying at HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital. Any valuables you bring with you will be collected and stored in a safe place as a service to you. You may retrieve them when you are discharged.

Inpatient Registration


The admission office is located in the front lobby of the hospital. When you are admitted you are asked a number of questions. Some questions are required by law and are not related to your medical condition. These questions may seem irrelevant, confusing, and even silly, but the federal government provides no alternatives for us. Please be patient while we ask you all of the admission questions.

Your accommodations are arranged by your physician who is a member of the HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital Medical Staff. Every reasonable effort is made to provide you with the accommodations that you request.

You will be given a wristband that displays your name and admission number. This admission number is very important to all hospital personnel.

The federal government provides guidelines for all hospitals that specify, on average, how long a person can stay in a hospital based solely on their medical condition. If you are notified through a Medicare or Medicaid denial letter that after a certain date, any additional expenses you incur must be paid for by you, a waiver of non-coverage must be completed if you want to stay in the hospital. This is required only because your stay is longer than the pre-determined length-of-stay determined by the federal government for your medical condition.

For Medicare or Medicaid coverage, the decision becomes yours as to how long you want to stay in the hospital, and how much you are willing to pay for this expense. If you have Medicare you will be given a copy of the Important Message from Medicare and asked to sign an acknowledgment form indicating you have received this document.

Outpatient Registration


You may receive a telephone call from our staff prior to your visit to pre-register you for your appointment. When you arrive at HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital, if you are having a radiology test, you will report to the registration office across from the radiology department. For all other procedures, you will report to the admitting office located in the front lobby.



Is it possible to get a private room if I want one?

Private rooms may be available at your request. If you would like to request a private room, notify the admitting clerk upon admission. Most insurance companies do not cover the additional cost of a private room. It will be your responsibility to pay the extra charge. If your physician has ordered a private room due to medical necessity or if a nurse requests it, you will not be responsible for the additional cost.

What if I don't have health insurance? 

You will be asked to complete our form to see what program you may qualify for. 

Learn about Financial Assistance.

Where do I find out what rights I have as a patient?

To view your rights, Click Here.

Personal Safety


We are concerned with your comfort and safety. Please ask for help when you need it. Bedrails are put up for your safety. Do not try to lower the rails or climb over them. The electronically operated beds are kept in the low position except when direct patient care is given. Do not attempt to get out of your bed when it is in the high position. If you see any potentially hazardous situations while in the hospital, please notify your nurse.