Warning signs of heart disease


In the early stages of heart disease symptoms may seem like annoyances that come and go. You may have heart arrhythmias that can cause:

  • difficulty catching your breath when you do things like walk up a flight of stairs

  • discomfort in your chest that lasts for 30 minutes or a few hours

  • pain in your upper torso, neck and jaw

  • heartbeats that are slower or faster than normal

  • dizziness or fainting

  • extreme fatigue

  • swelling, pain, tingling or numbness in your extremities

  • dry cough, fever and skin rashes in the case that your heart disease is caused by an infection

How to reduce your risk

  • live a healthy lifestyle

  • quit smoking

  • improve your cholesterol levels

  • control high blood pressure

  • get active

  • follow a heart healthy diet

  • get to a healthy weight

  • control diabetes

  • manage stress and anger