Having a Baby

Personalized Birthing Care

Highly Trained Professionals

Our team of highly-trained, professional and devoted doctors and nurses work together to provide the best possible birth experience for you. As the only hospital delivering babies in Chippewa County, we have a unique standard of care for a community our size. Our board-certified obstetricians and family practitioners delivered over 525 babies last year. At HSHS St. Joseph's, our goal is to guide you through the miracle of birth while promoting an optimal level of wellness through patient and family teaching.

Every Birth is Unique


We understand that every birth is unique and we are dedicated to working with you to create the best experience possible for you and your family. We welcome you and your family with comfortable, private labor/delivery rooms, and patient-centered care. Once your little one has made his or her grand entrance, trained nursing professionals care for you and your baby as a couplet, ensuring continuity of care for both of you.

Tour the beautiful birth suites at HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital


See the large delivery and postpartum suites at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Learn about how the nurses there are committed to helping you choose everything for your birth experience at http://HSHSBirthStory.org.