Call us toll-free at 877-717-4565. The Call Center nurse will ask for the following information:

About You

  • Facility/provider name

  • Provider call back number

  • Reason for call: transfer, consult, direct admin, other

  • Service requested

About the Patient

  • Patient’s legal name

  • Biological gender

  • Date of birth

  • Brief description of illness

Patient Transfer Process

Please send the following items with the patient or transferring agency at the time of transfer:

  • Medical history and physical

  • Nursing record with current vital signs

  • Copies of all pertinent diagnostic studies

  • Laboratory results

  • Medication history

  • Signed Release of Information form

  • Information on advanced directives

To best facilitate continuity of care, please fax the following information to the number provided by your Call Center nurse:

  • Face sheet

Behavioral Health Admission Tips

  • Patients must be considered “medically cleared” prior to admission. 

Providers commonly like to have the following lab results:

  • CBC, Chem 7, TSH, Urine drug tox, Pregnancy test, UA, BAC, ASA level, and Tylenol level


Some exclusion criteria is as follows:

  • Patients  with major medical or surginal illness or injuries that would prevent active participation in psychiatric treatments programs

  • Patients requiring medical supplies that can be used as weapons or are dangerous to others

  • Patients whos anti-social behaviors are dangerous to others when those anti-social behaviors are not related to a mental disorder

  • Those with developmental disabilities without an accompanying mental disorder

Additional Information needed:

  • Behavioral Health related medications

  • Currently seeing any Behavioral Health specialty (i.e. psychiatrist, counselor, therapist etc)

About HSHS Behavioral Care:

  • HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital is licensed to provide inpatient mental health services to adolescents 12 years and older. We are the only facility in the Chippewa Valley area licensed to provide care for anyone under age 18.

  • There are only a few facilities in the state of Wisconsin that specialize in and are licensed to provide youth mental health care. Most are located in Eastern and Southern Wisconsin.

  • Caring for the mental health of children under age 12 requires specialized care from a psychiatrist and is therefore part of the reason the state of Wisconsin requires additional licensure for that population.

  • Patients under age 12 are referred to one of those specialized facilities for acute mental health services.

  • Our physician partner, Prevea Health, offers outpatient therapy in the Chippewa Valley that centers around children and adolescent care.

  • If anyone is concerned about their loved one’s mental health, HSHS Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s hospitals' Emergency Rooms are open 24/7 for evaluations and referrals. If an unsafe environment is the concern, reach out to your local police department.