What to Do When You Get Here

  • Inpatient, Same Day Surgery, Outpatient Services- When you arrive, go directly to Admitting/Registration, which is located directly inside the main hospital entrance, off of Troxler Avenue.

  • Emergency Services - When you arrive, proceed directly through the Emergency entrance.

  • Rehab Services - When you arrive, proceed to Rehab Services, which is located directly inside the Medical Office Building off of Troxler Avenue.

Registration Process


Providing us with accurate and complete information during the registration process is vital in ensuring that your hospital bill will be processed correctly and timely. Patients will be registered in the order they arrived at Registration. However, please understand that patients with emergency services, surgery or scheduled diagnostic testing will be registered ahead of non-scheduled services.

Physician's Order Form


Most services require a physician's order prior to receiving services. Please bring the order with you or have your doctor fax the order to 618-651-2605. All orders must contain the patient's name, test or service ordered, diagnosis and ordering healthcare provider's signature. During the registration process, we will place a bar code label containing your registration information on your order and scan it into your record.

Health Insurance Card


Please have your health insurance card(s) available at the time of your visit. We will scan them into your record so they are available for billing purposes. We may ask to see the cards at each visit to ensure we have your most current information when we bill your insurance. You are responsible for notifying us of a change in your insurance coverage. Before your visit to the hospital, please review your health insurance plan booklet or call your insurance company to clarify your specific benefits and requirements. If pre-certification is required, please inform your physician prior to your arrival so there will be no delay or cancellation in your service. Please help us to protect you from having your insurance claim denied for failure to pre-certify.

Please remember, the ultimate financial responsibility for payment lies with you, the patient, not the insurance company.



We will ask you to sign a Consent which gives us permission to treat you and bill your insurance.