What is stereotactic breast biopsy?


More than 1.4 million women find lumps in their breasts every year. Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Illinois women, but to know whether a growth is cancerous, a biopsy - or sample - of suspicious cells in the breast may be taken. Up to 80% of lumps are benign, and taking samples of the abnormal area allows specialists to examine the cells under a microscope to make a diagnosis. Stereotactic biopsies use an image such as that from x-ray to guide the hollow needle that removes the cells.

What stereotactic breast biopsy system does St. Joseph’s use?


St. Joseph’s Hospital uses the Eviva® breast biopsy system from Hologic, Inc. It is the same system used in the leading breast cancer centers in the country and performs biopsies in less than 60 seconds. The Eviva device uses vacuum-assisted technology to biopsy at a minimum compression of 16mm, offering an alternative to traditional open biopsy. The system also provides biopsy needle options for most breast sizes, making it easier to deliver anesthesia to the site and enabling more women to receive the procedure.

What are the benefits of stereotactic breast biopsy?

  • Samples are obtained through a very small incision in the skin

  • Typically no need for post-biopsy stitches

  • Minimal procedure and recovery time

  • Most patients return to daily activities immediately following the procedure

  • Requires only a local anesthetic

Who will perform my stereotactic breast biopsy?


HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital performs biopsies as part of the comprehensive Cancer Care Program at SJH. She is a specialist in cancer and blood diseases who is triple board certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology.

The HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital Cancer Care Program is provided through a partnership with Cancer Care Specialists of Central Illinois, S.C. (CCSCI) – the largest cancer-focused interdisciplinary medical practice in Illinois outside of Chicago.

For questions about stereotactic breast biopsy or the Women & Children’s Center, call 618-651-2790.