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St. Mary’s is a recovery-based program that offers acute inpatient services including assessment, stabilization and referral to community resources. Our comprehensive behavioral health care is for adults, adolescents and children dealing with psychiatric conditions and concerns such as: 

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (ADD/ADHD)

  • Mood disorders, Major depression, Bipolar disorder

  • Emotional and behavioral disturbances

  • Dementia

  • Family/relationship counseling

  • Medical detoxification

  • Psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia

About Our Team


HSHS St. Mary’s Behavioral Health Services provides a safe and secure care setting for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Our inpatient unit has 24 semi-private adult beds and 10 semi-private adolescent beds.

Our Behavioral Health team cares for every patient in a caring, respectful and professional manner. Our team is a mix of exceptionally trained multidisciplinary staff including psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, therapists and counselors. It is our goal for all patients to experience the Hospital’s core values of respect, care, joy and competence as we support their treatment goals and return to the community.


We Respect Confidentiality


We respect our patients’ confidentiality and require that everyone who visits the unit do so as well. All therapy sessions are treated in a confidential manner. Patients are not allowed to talk about past patients on the unit to current patients. They are not to talk to family members about past or current patients, and they are not allowed to exchange personal information such as phone numbers or addresses with other patients. Additionally, no cell phones, cameras or recording devices are allowed on the unit at any time.

Behavioral Health

If you have concerns about yourself or a loved one, please call our Behavioral Health team at one of the numbers below.

Adolescent - (217) 464-5192
Adult Inpatient - (217) 464-5196
Outpatient Services - (217) 464-2540
Senior Behavioral Health - (217) 464-5280
Treatment Center - (217) 464-2500
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