When You Arrive 


When patients arrive for their inpatient treatment, they will be assessed by a team of mental health professionals to establish and implement an individual treatment plan. Treatment might include group therapy to provide structure, education and a means of improving coping skills, as well as medical and support services.

If the Behavioral Health team determines that a child/adolescent might be harmful to himself or others, intensive care and/or 24-Hour Stabilization is available. Daily evaluations will be conducted by the treatment team to determine when a patient on Intensive Care or 24-Hour Stabilization may return to regular care on the unit.

An Individualized Plan 


An individualized education plan is developed for each student receiving inpatient care. An Illinois-certified teacher provided by the Macon/Piatt Regional Office of Education coordinates school services with the patient’s home school district, so patients can receive school credit while here. As with all our programs, families are an integral part of the treatment.
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