Adolescent Inpatient Care FAQs


Q. If my child is receiving inpatient care, can I visit them? 

A. Yes, you may visit during designated visiting hours. Visiting with your child is an important part of her treatment .Children and adolescents on the inpatient unit may also have visits from caregivers, teachers, mentors, counselors, legal guardians and/or clergy. For more information, please call 464-5000.

Q. Can child/adolescent patients receive phone calls while in inpatient care? 

A. Yes, patients may make and receive calls during designated phone times. Children and adolescents are limited to 10 minutes of phone time per day, which may be broken into two five minute calls.

Q. Can child/adolescent patients receive mail while in inpatient care? 

A. Yes. Mail can be given to the patient anytime at the treatment team’s discretion. All mail must be from persons on the patient’s designated call list.

Q. What personal items can be brought for child/adolescent inpatient care? 

A. Five changes of clothing, pajamas, personal care items that do not contain alcohol or aerosols and that are in non-breakable containers (comb, brush, hair dryer, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, make-up, lotion, etc.). Stamps, envelopes and loose-leaf paper may also be brought. Items that are considered harmful or hazardous to the unit, staff, patients or visitors are not allowed. These include, but are not limited to weapons, cigarette lighters, drugs, drug paraphernalia, sharps, etc.

Adult Inpatient Care FAQs


Q. What personal items can I bring? 

A. You may bring clothing to wear during your stay (including pajamas), personal hygiene items that are alcohol and aerosol free and in non-breakable containers (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, hair products soap, deodorant, make-up, etc.), personal listening devices (iPods) and up to $10 cash. Friends and family may bring in food or snacks as permitted by your diet, although limited storage space is available for food on the unit.

Q. What items are not allowed? 

A. For a complete list, please see the Adult Behavioral Services Booklet. Clothing with strings, belts, scarves, shoestrings, weapons (firearms, knives, straight razors, etc.), drugs (street drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, etc.) lighters and flammable items, glass items, plastic bags and aerosol cans are not allowed. If these are found, they will be sent home or placed in secure location to ensure the safety of everyone on the unit.

Q. Are phone calls permitted? Can I bring my cell phone? 

A. Cell phones are not allowed on the unit to respect every patient’s right to confidential treatment. You may receive phone calls during times when programming is not taking place. You control whom you wish to receive calls from during your stay. All calls come in through the nurses’ station to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Q. Can my friends and family visit me? 

A. Yes, visiting with your loved ones is an important part of your treatment. Visitors will be permitted or restricted according to your wishes. Visitors must come during designated visiting hours and check in at the nurses’ station.