Women & Infants Center

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital's Women and Infants Center is the birthing center for one of life's most precious events... welcoming your precious newborn into the world.

Here, you and your precious newborn will be cared for by the area’s most advanced maternal care team and baby experts. That care includes the most comprehensive program in the area with Green Bay’s only children’s hospital and most experienced NICU, Prevea’s compassionate team of women’s care providers and a Maternal Fetal Medicine Center. In the event of the unexpected, know that our high-risk pregnancy and NICU teams are ready with the expertise and experience to overcome any challenges.

  • To pre-register for your hospital stay call 920-433-8703 . If you have private health insurance, call your insurance company first to notify them of your upcoming birth.
  • To sign up for an in-person tour or childbirth education class, click here. Depending on the class, you can register for classes as early as your 4th or 5th month of pregnancy.
  • To read the latest visitor restriction guidelines, please click here. 

Hospital Video Tour

Preparing for your new baby is an exciting, yet sometimes anxious time. We are here to provide support and direction through the uncertainties. You can register online for an in-person hospital tour or watch this video tour of our birthing center to help ease your mind during labor and delivery.

About the Women and Infants Center

  • A private spa inspired bathroom with a walk-in shower that features a rainfall showerhead
  • A spacious layout with twice as much space as previous post-partum rooms
  • A “family and friends” gathering space with glass door partisan, a second TV, microwave, refrigerator, table and chairs, and a child play space
  • A dedicated space for newborn exams, with adjustable natural lighting
  • ​Built in sound system that works with your mobile device, so you can you play your own music during delivery 

Two room suites

Available on a first come, first serve basis. Private, spacious and comfortable. St. Vincent's Women and Infants Center features Green Bay’s only two-room suites with exclusive amenities that cater to mothers, newborns and families. Here, spacious rooms feature home-like comforts, soothing touches and the latest medical equipment to make all the difference. Click here to watch a video tour.
You and your family receive advanced medical care and the best hospital delivery options in a warm, soothing and inviting environment. After delivery, you and your baby will be visited and checked up on daily, nursing staff can help you learn how to care for your baby and prepare you for your return home, and lactation specialists can help you with your best option for feeding baby. You truly are cared for by baby experts. 
  • Skin-to-skin contact with baby immediately following delivery 
  • “Rooming-in” to allow baby and mom to bond 
  • Breastfeeding support 
  • Lactation specialists available 
Choosing a Doctor for Baby
Prior to coming to the hospital to deliver, you should choose a doctor for you baby. A pediatrician is a specialist who takes care of infants through young adults. A family medicine doctor is a physician who cares for patients throughout all phases of life. Once you have found a doctor, call his or her office to find out if they are taking new patients. Let them know when you are due and that you would like your infant to become established as a new patient with that physician. You can begin doing this around week 28 of your pregnancy.
Find a Prevea Pediatrician
Find a Prevea Family Medicine Doctor

Newborn care
  • Your nurses have gone through advanced training and experience, and will teach you how to care for baby, as we recognize that is an important part of your hospital stay. Your nurse can help with limiting daytime interruptions and phone calls if you’d like, so that you can rest during the day when your baby sleeps. 
  • You are also welcome to invite family or a support person to stay with you while you are in the hospital, as you may find them helpful. 
  • To help you and your baby to bond, it is encouraged you stay together 24 hours a day. This is called “rooming in” and it has been proven to better prepare you to care for your newborn when you return home. When baby stays in your room, you will have the opportunity to learn more about him or her and recognize things like feeding cues while hospital staff is around to guide you through those first few nights. Studies show that mothers get the same amount and quality of sleep when their babies room in as when they are out of the room.
  • In partnership with Prevea Health, newborn care presentations may also be available at certain times of the year to help you prepare and care for your little one. Click here for a schedule of upcoming classes.
Nitrous oxide, often used at the dentist and referred to as laughing gas, is a safe and proven method for anxiety and pain management during labor and childbirth. There are no side effects from for baby, and the side effects for mom are minimal. By inhaling the gas through a mask, nitrous oxide is a temporary method of relief because it is cleared from the body when mom stops inhaling the gas and removes the mask.
Nitrous oxide can be
  • Used before having an epidural (and it is also safe to have an epidural later on).
  • An alternative option to epidural and pain medication if someone is leaning toward a more natural childbirth experience.
  • Used before trying pain medication (Nubain).
  • Stopped if mom decides she would like to switch to pain medication (Nubain).
After baby is born, your care provider will place him or her belly-down directly on your chest. This is called skin-to-skin contact. Your nurse will be there with a warm blanket to cover you and your baby. Quiet time is encouraged during this first hour as this is the time for mom or dad to hold the baby skin-to-skin providing benefits such as:
  • Positive impact on bonding
  • Reduced perception of pain
  • Reduced incidence of postpartum depression
  • Triggers feeding reflexes and increases breastfeeding success
  • Smooth transition for baby to life outside the womb
  • Increased calmness and reduced crying
Visitor restrictions are currently in place for the safety of our patients and colleagues. To read the latest visitor restriction guidelines, please click here.
  • State of the art security system (HUGS) for you and your baby’s safety
  • Spacious two-room suites, available on a first come first serve basis
  • NICU attached to the birthing unit, for high-risk mothers and newborns
  • Operating room suites inside the birthing unit for C-sections
  • Pain and anxiety management
  • Holistic methods, such as birthing balls and water therapy
  • Medical management, such as epidurals and anesthesiology 24/7
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Updated bathrooms and delivery rooms provide a home-like atmosphere
  • Dad/Support person may choose to stay overnight.
  • Warm, friendly and experienced nursing staff provide individualized care
  • Free WiFi
  • Modern family lounges
  • Specialty order meals delivered to you on your request
  • Complimentary snacks and welcome gift
  • Celebration meal
  • Valet parking
  • Gift shop onsite
  • Online birthing classes
  • Online breastfeeding class
  • Online and in-person breastfeeding support group
  • Milk depot and dispensary