Orthopedic Surgery

The most common conditions seen in orthopedic surgery are:

• Knee, hip or ankle arthritis
• Fractures
• Meniscal tears in the knees
• Tendon/ligament/muscle problems; or distal bicep tears.

The orthopedic surgery team offers surgical and non-surgical treatment options to get you moving again. 

Sports Medicine

In sports medicine, the most common conditions treated are:

• Acute muscle/tendon/ligament injuries
• Overuse/repetitive use injuries of tendons/muscles
• Joint arthritis
• Uncomplicated bone fractures

Although it's called sports medicine, our specialists see all types of patients; you don't have to be an athlete. Sports medicine offers non-surgical rehabilitation and injection treatments. 

Learn more about our sports medicine specialists here


Hand surgery most commonly deals with conditions and injuries including:

• Carpal tunnel
• Trigger finger
• Tendonitis
• Hand/wrist arthritis
• Tendon/nerve lacerations
• Tumors/ganglion cysts

In addition to injections and hand therapy, hand surgery uses minimally invasive surgery to perform small-joint arthroscopy and endoscopic nerve surgery. We also have advanced technology to perform microsurgery.


Some of the most common knee conditions we treat include:

• Ligament injuries
• Osteoarthritis (total knee replacement)
• Meniscus tears
• Cartilage injuries

Our team can perform total knee replacement surgery and also offer less invasive or non-surgical options to treat knee pain.


Common shoulder injuries and conditions we see are:

• Rotator cuff injuries or disease
• Labral tears
• Bursitis 
• Dislocation
• Fracture
• Arthritis

For shoulder pain, our team can perform surgery or help you find a non-surgical solution.


Our team can treat a number of hip conditions, including:

  • Osteoarthritis/arthritis
  • Fracture/injury
  • Tendonitis
  • Trochanteric bursitis

Whether you need a total hip replacement or are looking for non-surgical treatment options, our team can help.

It's important to keep your joints moving, so our team performs joint replacement surgeries for the hips, knees, shoulder, hand and finger. We also offer non-surgical options such as joint injections.

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