See what our comprehensive care team has in store for you!

HSHS Concierge

At HSHS Medical Group, health care is personal - even more so for our Medicare patients. You deserve the best of the best as you strive to live a full life with family, friends and community. That’s why we are launching a new exclusive level of service for our Medicare patients. 

At HSHS Medical Group, our new Medicare Concierge’s main responsibility is to assist you with everything you need . . .

  • from scheduling appointments to greeting and caring for you when you arrive
  • to answering any question you may have related to your care and beyond 
  • including acquiring times for special procedures such as surgeries, treatments, home care and more
  • plus we provide personal touches for you and your family

We act as a personal assistant to you before, during and after your visits not because it is our job, but because it is our calling.

Checking In

Once in your room, our team member will:

  • make sure you are comfortable first - offering water and hand sanitizer.
  • bring the check-in process to you through mobile tablets and computers. We will check your records, help you fill out any paperwork, check your medications and explain what we are going to do during your visit.


Your Visit

At HSHS Medical Group, we call your appointment a VISIT - because we want to spend time with you. We are on your schedule, you are not on ours. We will adjust for you. After all, you deserve to have the time to get all of your medical questions answered, plus we want to catch up on your life - How are the kids and grandkids? What is your next adventure?

Your team will consist of: 

  • Your Physician
  • Your Pharmacist
  • Your Life Specialist (Social Worker)
  • Your Nurse
  • Your Specialist (Ortho, GI etc.)
  • Your Technician (Lab, Imaging)
  • Your Concierge (Care Coordinator)

Anything you need, we are here for you.

Your Departure

At HSHS Medical Group, it is very important that you leave with our appreciation as well as all the information you need to manage your health.

Before you leave, your Concierge will assist you with making any follow up visits you require in addition to scheduling outside appointments for tests, surgeries, consultations and more.

Yes - we said more - we will personally help you set up your MyChart and show you how to use it.