Diabetes Management Quiz

Diabetes Management Quiz

The Diabetes Self-Management Program will help you learn more about:

  • Your diabetes diagnosis

  • Making healthy food choices

  • Monitoring  your blood sugar and identifying patterns

  • Potential complications from diabetes

  • Medications used to manage diabetes

  • Incorporating physical activity into your life

  • Problem solving

  • Healthy coping

  • Reducing risks factors

We can help manage all three major types of diabetes:

  • Type 1, when the body’s pancreas fails to produce insulin

  • Type 2, when the body does not make enough insulin or cannot properly use the insulin that is made

  • Gestational, when a woman develops elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy

We have ADA Accreditation, so your visit may be covered by insurance.

The Diabetes Education program at our ministry has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association, meeting national standards as developed and tested under the National Diabetes Advisory Board. This allows Medicare to cover the cost of diabetes education and dietitian consultations for people with diabetes. Upon referral, consult your insurance provider to ask if you are covered.

Additional Services Offered

Licensed dietitians on our clinical nutrition team are available to help with special diets and weight management.  We offer counseling appointments with our licensed dietitians at St. Joseph’s Breese and Highland and Holy Family Greenville. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Diabetes Education Team Provides Services in the Community

In addition to patient and family support, our Diabetes Education Team offers outreach and screening opportunities, including:

  • Safe at School programs to educate teachers and staff how to recognize and respond to high and low blood sugar issues in children,

  • Annual KidneyMobile visits to provide free kidney and diabetes screenings in conjunction with the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois,

  • Free finger sticks, low-cost A1C testing and blood glucose screening at the hospital’s Community Health Fairs offered each spring and fall,

  • Spanish interpreters providing special educational and screening opportunities to the underserved.

Diabetes Support Group

St. Joseph's Hospital Breese sponsors a Diabetes Support Group on the first Monday of each month. If the first Monday is a holiday, the meeting is moved to the second Monday of the month. You can also join our Facebook Support Group by searching Diabetes Support Group: Bond, Madison, and Clinton Counties.

Diabetes and Nutrition Education Team

For more information, contact any of the members from the Diabetes Education Team.

Kayla Barnes, Registered Dietitian
618-526-5336  I  kayla.barnes@hshs.org
Fax: 618-212-9024

Angie Kruse, Registered Dietitian
618-526-5614 I  angela.kruse@hshs.org
Fax: 618-212-9024

Brooke Lipe, Registered Dietitian
618-651-2743  I  brooke.lipe@hshs.org
Fax: 618-651-2735

Lisa Ketchem, Registered Nurse
618-526-5743 | lisa.ketchem@hshs.org
Fax: 618-212-9024