The Diabetes Self-Management Program will help you learn more about:


  • Your diabetes diagnosis

  • Making healthy food choices

  • Monitoring  your blood sugar and identifying patterns

  • Potential complications from diabetes

  • Medications used to manage diabetes

  • Incorporating physical activity into your life

  • Problem solving

  • Healthy coping

  • Reducing risks factors

We can help manage all three major types of diabetes:


Type 1, when the body’s pancreas fails to produce insulin

Type 2, when the body does not make enough insulin or cannot properly use the insulin that is made

Gestational, when a woman develops elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy


We have ADA Accreditation, so your visit may be covered by insurance.


The Diabetes Education program at our ministry has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association, meeting national standards as developed and tested under the National Diabetes Advisory Board. This allows Medicare to cover the cost of diabetes education and dietitian consultations for people with diabetes. Upon referral, consult your insurance provider to ask if you are covered.