What does prenatal genetic counseling involve?


A visit to the HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Medical Genetics Clinic includes time with a genetic counselor who has expertise with pregnancy, genetic conditions and birth defects.

  • An appointment is scheduled for an office visit with a genetic counselor.

  • Your pregnancy history is reviewed.

  • Your family history is obtained and discussed.

  • Testing options for you and your pregnancy are discussed.

  • Follow-up includes discussion and interpretation of testing, when done.

Who benefits from prenatal genetic counseling?


Prenatal genetic counseling helps individuals find answers to questions such as:

  • Is my baby at increased risk of having a birth defect or genetic condition?

  • What concerns are there if I am 35 or older with my pregnancy?

  • Is genetic testing an option for me during my pregnancy or before pregnancy begins?

  • What options do I have for carrier testing?

  • How might prenatal testing help influence my pregnancy medical management?

  • What concerns are there about my use of medications during pregnancy?

  • My baby has a birth defect; what can I do to prepare for delivery and make special plans?