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Mission and Values

The foundational mission principles of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) embody the belief that every life is a sacred gift and every human being is a unity of body, mind and spirit.

White marble statue of St. Francis holding a bird surrounded by pink flowers White marble statue of St. Francis holding a bird surrounded by pink flowers

Our health care ministry calls upon us to foster healing, serve with compassion, and promote wellness for all persons, with special attention to our brothers and sisters who are poor, underserved and most vulnerable.

These principles are the basis for HSHS to provide high-quality, cost-effective and compassionate health care for millions of people in Illinois and Wisconsin. Our health care ministry consists of 15 hospitals and a network of physician partners committed to continuing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Young female nurse comforting woman in wheelchair

Our Mission & Vision


To reveal and embody Christ's healing love for all people through our high-quality Franciscan health care ministry.


Rooted in our Franciscan mission, we will be the unique, high-quality health system providing exceptional care, centered on the whole person.

Young gentlemen in wheelchair with three diverse health care professionals

Our Core Values


Respect means the Franciscan respect for life from conception to death and for the dignity of each individual person. Respect is a commitment to freeing and empowering each person to develop to his or her full potential. 


Care embodies the concern, compassion, and sensitivity with which we care for patients as individuals on a one-to-one basis. It depicts our way of dealing with patients, clients and colleagues. Many times, it is thought of as a bedside behavior, but it also belongs in administrative offices, cafeterias and boardrooms.


Competence means that our work is performed and our institutions are managed with the highest level of skill and ability. We are committed to recruiting and developing people who are competent in their work and whose values reflect our own. Our values are an integral part of our system’s strategic plan, which provides the overall framework for local activities.


Joy is the manner in which our colleagues and all who join us in our ministry seek to perform their work – the internal fulfillment of caring for others. It is an essential ingredient in bringing a sense of hope to those who suffer.