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In the spirit of St. Francis, we are called to improve the quality of life in our communities by building beneficial relationships with generous donors to support exceptional health care for all.

Female health care professional holding fingers in heart shape Female health care professional holding fingers in heart shape

Financial contributions are vital to the healing ministry of Hospital Sisters Health System. The Hospital Sisters of St. Francis Foundation was established to safeguard the mission of our hospitals and carry forward the values and traditions of the Hospital Sisters for future generations. 

When you contribute, you are supporting an organization that provides leading-edge, compassionate care that benefits patients and their families through all stages of life in communities across Illinois and Wisconsin.

A statue of St. Francis with outstretched arms and the sun behind him

The open arms of St. Francis is our example

Before the birth in the late 12th century of Giovanni Francesco diBernardone—the man whom we know today as St. Francis—religious life was private, contemplative and monastic. Francis envisioned a different type of religious life, and he led a revolution. He chose as his symbol the Greek letter Tau, because he saw in its shape the open arms of a friar’s robe. Before Francis, those arms probably would not have been outstretched; they would have been clasped in front of the friar’s body in silent prayer. After Francis, those arms were extended widely to embrace a life of caring for the poor, sick and injured.

Today, more than 800 years later, those arms remain open and outstretched. In fourteen communities across Illinois and Wisconsin, Hospital Sisters of St. Francis Foundation stands steadfast and strong in our commitment to bring life-giving and life-saving health care to people in need.

Why give to the Foundation?

The continued success of our mission relies upon philanthropy. At its roots, philanthropy means “love of mankind.” In that regard, despite his material poverty, St. Francis was a true philanthropist. Just as he used his spiritual gifts to heal the sick, the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis Foundation is a faithful steward of the gifts we receive on behalf of our hospitals.

At each of our hospitals, the local foundaton branch seeks charitable contributions to renovate and refurbish facilities, purchase new state-of-the-art medical technologies, and provide patient care and family support programs. Since 2011, the Foundation has disbursed more than $100 million to our hospitals, funds which have been used to continue the vital work that St. Francis began eight centuries ago.

Ways to Give

We welcome the opportunity to assist those who wish to donate

Donate now online
Gifts may be made online.

Hospital Sisters of St. Francis Foundation is happy to accept your American Express, Discover Card, Visa or Master Card. Click below for a secure donation page.
Gifts Made Through a Will
Will-bequests are gifts made from an estate, after death, or as a result of instructions outlined in a will. Bequests can be of a specific dollar amount, a specific asset(s) or a percentage of an estate. If you choose to give a gift to Hospital Sisters of St. Francis Foundation through your will, you can make your bequest available for our immediate use or you may restrict it to an endowment.
Matching Gifts
Matching gifts occur when a company matches the charitable contribution of an employee to a nonprofit organization. If you (or your spouse) work for a matching gift company, your gift may be doubled, or even tripled. The matching gift procedure is very simple. The employee gets a matching gift form from their human resources department. 
Life insurance
Transferring a life insurance policy’s ownership can result in great tax benefits for you and is a generous way to give. 
An endowment is an amount of money that is given to the Foundation with a stipulation that the funds are invested to earn annual interest rather than spent immediately. An endowment can be restricted to a specific department or unrestricted to be used for the greatest need. Named endowments are a gracious way to honor a loved one or a family name. A minimum of $10,000 is required to establish a named endowment.
Real Estate
If you own a home, vacation home, acreage, or farmland, a charitable gift of real estate can be especially tax-advantageous.
Charitable Trusts
Charitable trusts are gifts that allow you to receive ongoing income from an asset. They provide donors with regular cash payments, current charitable income tax deduction, avoidance or reduction of estate taxes and elimination of money-management concerns. Named charitable recipients would receive the remainder of assets upon death.
Stocks & Securities
Gifts of appreciated securities may offer you significant tax savings. 

As with all elements of our healing mission, the most important is done at the community level.

Hospital Sisters of St. Francis Foundation is the central coordinating body, with individual foundation branches in each of our local ministries.



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