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Cardiovascular and Neurology Research

Prairie Education & Research Cooperative (PERC) is located in the heart of Central Illinois, Springfield.  PERC is a local not-for-profit research organization specializing in Phase I-IV clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas with its focus on cardiovascular research. Prairie Education & Research was founded in 1983 by Prairie cardiologists and surgeons and have been conducting local research for over 30 years.  PERC has been the preferred choice of CRO’s, Device and Pharmaceutical Sponsors to conduct clinical research because of its accuracy in reporting, attention to detail, aggressive recruitment and enrollment.  Additionally, PERC strives to work closely with study sponsors in a manner that is both streamlined and responsive. The staff of Prairie Education & Research has health care roots based in the medical treatment and care of patients.  Our focus is on our interaction with the individuals who participate along with us in clinical research and, hopefully, touching their lives in a positive way.


Research and clinical trials are an important part of our work at Prairie Education and Research Cooperative (PERC).  We are committed to progression in the field of neurology through clinical research trials in collaboration with our physicians and Study Sponsors to determine new discoveries that lead to advancements and improved patient care.  Clinical studies can offer new medicines, more care options, and effective therapies for our patients that suffer from chronic and rare health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, and etc.  PERC supports and accepts participation in new clinical trials.

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Diabetes Research

Central Illinois Diabetes and Clinical Research (CIDCR) is a division of Prairie Education and Research Cooperative dedicated to the advancement of diabetic medicine. CIDCR was originally founded in 1989 by Dr. Norman Soler and his multidisciplinary staff to facilitate diabetes research and education in Southern and Central Illinois. This group has since teamed with Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS).  These strategic alliances were formed to integrate state-of-the-art medical research and bedside patient care.