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Diabetes Self-Management Education

Helping you successfully control and manage your diabetes

Woman in blue with blood sugar monitor talking with doctor

Whether you’re well into your journey with diabetes or are newly diagnosed, we can help you successfully manage your diabetes. Our registered nurse and registered dietitians work together to provide you tips and knowledge to help you manage your diabetes through medication, diet and exercise. 

If you have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and would like more information on managing your diabetes, please contact Lisa Ketchem at 618-526-5743.

Please see the below information to learn more about our Diabetes Self-Management Education program. 

Upon referral, consult your insurance provider to ask if you are covered. Medicare and most insurances cover services. 

Contact your insurance using the below codes to see if you qualify for outpatient services.
  • G0108 - Diabetes Self-Management Individual Outpatient
  • G0109 - Diabetes Self-Management Outpatient Group/Class
  • CPT Code - 97802 - Medical Nutrition Therapy

Financial assistance program options are available.
Monthly no-cost support groups in Breese, Greenville and Highland are available to those with diabetes and their families. Enjoy fellowship, peer support and sharing of knowledge. For more information, contact Lisa Ketchem at 618-526-5743.
Ask your provider for a referral on managing diabetes. Once we receive your referral, a diabetes patient educator will reach out to you.
Two, one hour sessions with a diabetes nurse AND One, one hour session and one, thirty minute session with a dietitian. These sessions include knowledge on medication instructions, diet, exercise planning, monitoring you blood sugar and more. 
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices
  • Annual KidneyMobile - provides free kidney and diabetes screenings in conjunction with the National kidney Foundation of Illinois
  • Community Health Fairs offered each spring and fall
  • Spanish interpreters available.
We are recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and meet national standards developed and tested under the National Diabetes Advisory Board. This accreditation allows Medicare to cover the cost of diabetes education and dietitian consultations for people with diabetes.

Diabetes and Nutrition Education Team

For more information, contact any of the members from the Diabetes Education Team.

Kayla Barnes, Registered Dietitian
618-526-5336  I  kayla.barnes@hshs.org
Fax: 618-212-9024

Angie Kruse, Registered Dietitian
618-526-5614 I  angela.kruse@hshs.org
Fax: 618-212-9024

Brooke Lipe, Registered Dietitian
618-651-2743  I  brooke.lipe@hshs.org
Fax: 618-651-2735

Lisa Ketchem, Registered Nurse
Fax: 618-212-9024