Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

The inpatient rehabilitation unit at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital offers every patient who comes through our doors with comprehensive, compassionate care.

elderly hispanic man with nurses hand on his shoulder

By taking an interdisciplinary approach to restoring each patient’s living skills and delivering a wide range of rehabilitation services, we treat the whole person -body, mind and spirit. Our team of rehabilitation specialists work together to help patients achieve the highest level of independence possible. We work closely with patients, their families and caregivers to develop and accomplish common goals — improved mobility, self-care, safety and communication.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Admission Criteria

 To qualify for inpatient rehabilitation, patients must: 

  • Have a medical need that requires ongoing medical management. 
  • Require rehabilitation physician supervision. 
  • Require a minimum of two therapies (physical, occupational and/or speech therapy). 
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day, 5 days a week. 
  • Require 24-hour rehabilitation nursing. 
  • Expect they will make significant practical improvement in a reasonable timeframe. 
  • Have realistic goals of returning home or to an assisted living facility. 
  • Be willing to actively participate in the intensive rehabilitation program. 
  • Not be ventilator dependent. 
  • Be 18 years of age or older (special consideration may be made for ages 15 to 17.).

Common reasons for being admitted to inpatient rehabilitation:

  • Stroke. 
  • Brain Injury (traumatic or non-traumatic). 
  • Spinal cord injury. 
  • Amputation. 
  • Hip fracture. 
  • Neurological disorders. 
  • Multiple traumas. 
  • Cardiac. 
  • Debilitation (decrease from baseline function).

We accept patients with the following:

  • Wound vacs/dressing changes. 
  • CPAP/BIPAP (not continuous). 
  • PICC line/Port or IV. 
  • IV antibiotics. 
  • Cardiac monitoring. 
  • Trach. 
  • Peg tube/tube feedings. 
  • Bariatric needs. 
  • Hemodialysis. 
  • Peritoneal dialysis. 
  • Oxygen. 
  • Ostomy care.


What we offer:

  • Intense therapy program with a minimum of 3 hours per day (5 days/week). 
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are available 24/7. 
  • Physically located within HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, giving patients access to a full range of hospital services, if necessary. 
  • Dedicated rehab unit and large therapy gym within the unit. 
  • Large dining room/day room located directly by the nurse’s station. 
  • Outdoor deck area/garden (open during spring, summer and fall – weather depending). 
  • Car simulator to train patients and family about safe transfers. 
  • Laundry room with access to a washer, dryer and laundry detergent. 
  • Private conference room for family meetings. 
  • Dedicated space for home-like environment to practice in daily living – featuring a kitchen, dining area, bedroom and handicapped-accessible bathroom. 
  • Our average patient rate of return to the community is above the national average of 70%. Our comprehensive services for evaluation and treatment help patients restore function and develop to their highest degree of independence to return to their home or assisted living facility. 

Your inpatient rehabilitation team members include:

  • You (the patient). 
  • Family/caregivers. 
  • Physiatrist (physical medicine and rehab trained medical doctor). 
  • Rehabilitation nurse. 
  • Physical therapist. 
  • Occupational therapist. 
  • Speech language pathologist/therapist. 
  • Case manager or social worker. 
  • Psychologist. 
  • Dietitian.



For referrals to the HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation program, please call (920) 433-8071 to speak to our admission coordinator/team lead or contact care management at (920) 433-8254. Our team will collaborate with your team to determine if it’s appropriate for your patient to be admitted and if admission criteria is met, as well discuss insurance coverage.  

If you hoping to refer a patient, please fax the following information to (920) 431-3237: 

  • Financial sheet. 
  • History and physical exam. 
  • Recent therapy notes (PT, OT and SLP). 
  • Recent labs. 
  • Recent MD progress notes. 
  • Wound care notes. 
  • Rehab consult note (if obtained).