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Milk Depot and Dispensary

The Women and Infants Center at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital is proud to offer a breast milk dispensary and depot in Green Bay where you can safely buy local breast milk from an accredited milk bank or donate breast milk.

Mother holding newborn baby wrapped in blanket

As the only dispensary in Northeast Wisconsin, and the third dispensary in the state, we partner with Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes to ensure the safety of pasteurized breast milk through screening, processing and dispensing guidelines established by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital
Women and Infants Center
835 S. Van Buren St. • Green Bay, WI 54311
(920) 433-8300

For Moms at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital

Screened donor milk from a milk bank is available for newborns in need at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital.

If during your hospital stay at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital you are unable to breastfeed but would like to offer your newborn donor milk, or if your newborn or premature newborn has special needs and is unable to receive your milk, we have the resources on site to safely provide your baby with breast milk from a milk bank.

For the Public

Our milk depot and dispensary is also open to the public. Find out how and where to donate or buy breast milk below.

Donate Milk

How to Donate Milk to the Depot

If you have extra breast milk and you’re interested in donating your milk or just want to learn more, visit www.milkbankwgl.org/donate-milk to find out where and how to safely donate your breast milk.

Donor Milk FAQs

$20.00 per 4-ounce bottle. We accept debit and credit card payments. Most insurance companies do not cover donor milk; however, you may call your insurance company to verify coverage.

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital also has a full lactation supply store in our Women and Infants Center to meet your needs.

For additional breastfeeding support services offered by HSHS St. Vincent hospital, click here.

If you have gone through surrogacy or adoption, or have low milk supply, and you’re interested in buying breast milk from a milk bank, call the Women and Infants Center at (920) 433-8300. We’ll walk you through the process of how and where to get breast milk.

  • A prescription is required for more than 10 bottles. Contact your medical provider or your child’s medical provider and request an order for donor milk. You can bring the order or prescription to the dispensary or request to have it faxed directly to (920) 884-5673.
  • Call the Women and Infants Center at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital at (920) 433-8300 for dispensary hours, pricing and availability.
  • Pick up your donor milk from dispensary at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, in the Women and Infants Center.

To learn more, visit www.milkbankwgl.org/for-milk-recipients.

Frozen donated milk will typically last 6 months.