What services does the St. Joseph's Hospital laboratory provide?


You have access to inpatient and outpatient services ranging from basic blood draws to complex testing to help diagnose and treat diseases such a diabetes, heart attacks, HIV/AIDS, staph infections and cancer:

  • Chemistry - to monitor organ function by measuring levels such as blood glucose and cholesterol and testing for tumor markers and infectious diseases

  • Hematology - to detect infections, leukemia, anemia

  • Coagulation - to monitor Coumadin and Heparin therapy and determine the body's clotting ability

  • Microbiology - to determine bacteria causing infections and the antibiotics to treat them

  • Urinalysis - to test urine for infections/abnormalities and semen for infertility

  • Blood Bank - to type blood and test compatibility for blood transfusions

  • Serology - to test for immunity (measles, mumps) and infection (mono, strep throat, flu)

  • Histology - to analyze surgical specimens

How can I schedule outpatient blood work or drop off specimens?


You can have blood drawn or drop off specimens at the Outpatient Center, open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed Saturday and Sunday. No appointment is necessary.

If you have questions about your outpatient testing, call 618-526-5355.