HSHS Good Shepherd earns Critical Access Designation

October 30, 2023 

HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital is excited to announce its official designation as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH). This prestigious recognition underscores the hospital's commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to the residents of Shelby County and the surrounding communities. Good Shepherd Hospital recently began serving as a facility with this designation.

The CAH designation is given to facilities that play a crucial role in ensuring access to healthcare services in rural areas. This designation signifies the hospital's dedication to meeting the unique needs of the local community and providing essential medical care to those who need it most.

"We are thrilled to be recognized as a Critical Access Hospital," said Chad Markham, president and CEO of Good Shepherd Hospital. "This achievement realizes many years of work by our colleagues and community members and shows our unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of Shelbyville.”

With its new CAH status, Good Shepherd Hospital will receive increased financial support from Medicare, allowing for expanded resources and improved patient care. This designation enables the hospital to focus on its mission of providing accessible and quality health care to the local community whether preventative, routine or emergency.

“HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital earning ‘Critical Access Hospital’ status is a lifeline not only for the hospital itself, but for the individuals and families it serves,” said U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). “I’m pleased to have helped HSHS obtain this federal recognition, which will provide higher reimbursements from Medicare, fortifying the hospital’s financial foundation and securing its ability to serve the people who depend on it. Rural hospitals are the bedrocks of our communities, and this significant milestone will enable them to continue their vital work for generations to come.”

Good Shepherd Hospital will continue to offer a wide range of medical services, including emergency and inpatient medical care, outpatient services, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services and specialized clinics.
HSHS Good Shepherd earns Critical Access Designation