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About Libertas

As an alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment center for adolescents and adults, Libertas offers Northeast Wisconsin expertise in treatment of substance use disorders.

Substance use disorder is identifiable and treatable. Libertas focuses on the development of new skills, learning the process of recovery and maintaining abstinence, all in a confidential setting.

Recovering from alcohol or drug abuse takes compassion, commitment and hard work. Libertas treatment center embraces these qualities, offering treatment that is founded on sincere concern and loving support for everyone impacted by substance use disorders. Freedom from reliance on alcohol and drugs is liberating, and is the first step toward rediscovering life, happiness and an undeniable spirit.

What does Libertas mean?

Libertas means freedom. At Libertas, it is our goal to help free adolescents, adults and their families from substance use disorders. We treat substance use disorder with a dedicated team of experts, providing support and compassion to help you down your road toward recovery.

Libertas Philosophy

Libertas is a center of excellence providing holistic substance use recovery programs for individuals and families.

With our holistic approach to treatment, Libertas counselors and nurses assess the whole person. This involves a detailed and complete evaluation that looks at substance use, medical, psychosocial, spiritual, and mental health concerns. 

With this comprehensive evaluation, Libertas can determine if there is a co-occurring disorder – when a person has a mood disorder and a problem with alcohol or drugs. A person who has a dual diagnosis has two separate illnesses, and each illness needs its own treatment plan. By treating both disorders, we treat the whole person in order to address all aspects of recovery in a positive manner, for a successful recovery.

About Us

Haelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network

Members of the Hazelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network have contracted with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and agreed to put in place certain processes and procedures intended to facilitate continuity of care for patients. Members are independent providers and are not staff or employees of the Foundation, and as such the Foundation cannot oversee, vouch for, or guarantee any services provided by Members.

Hospital Sisters Health System

Hospital Sisters Health System (or HSHS) is a multi-institutional health care system comprised of multiple hospitals and an integrated physician network across Illinois and Wisconsin. 

Our mission, vision, and values provides patients with the best care


To reveal and embody Christ's healing love for all people through our high quality Franciscan health care ministry.

Providing health, healing and hope to Eastern Wisconsin through One Family.

Our core values of respect, care, competence and joy will be lived by all who work here and felt by all who use our services.

Respect means the Franciscan respect for life from conception to death and for the dignity of each individual person. Respect is a commitment to freeing and empowering each person to develop to his or her full potential.

Care embodies the concern, compassion, and sensitivity with which we care for patients as individuals on a one-to-one basis. It depicts our way of dealing with patients, clients, colleagues and co-workers. Many times, it is thought of as a bedside behavior, but it also belongs in business offices, cafeterias and boardrooms.

Competence means that our institutions are managed and work is performed with the highest level of skill and ability. We are committed to recruiting and developing people who are competent in their work and whose values reflect our own.

Joy is the manner in which our colleagues and all who join us in our ministry seek to perform their work. It is an essential ingredient in bringing a sense of hope to those who suffer.


Diversity Statement

We believe all people are children of God. We create an environment of respect in our workplace for each other, the patient, and our community by honoring the dignity and diversity of every individual who enters our door.

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

The mission of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) is “To reveal and embody Christ’s healing love for all people through our high quality Franciscan health care ministry”.

In this tradition, HSHS is privileged that patients and their families, trust us with their care. We deliver on that trust by placing our patients at the center of what we do, consistently providing safe care of the highest quality. We are committed to the people in the communities we serve.

For 140 years, HSHS hospitals and affiliated physicians have embraced innovation. We adopt best practices, share our successes, and put into practice those processes and procedures that are proven to be reliable and predictable. We strive to be top ranked performers in quality and safety.

With information, people can make better choices about where to receive care. The following quality and performance resources are available:
At HSHS, we remain focused on constantly raising our standards to improve the health of the people we serve.