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Frequently Asked Questions about Substance Use Disorder and Addiction

Libertas currently offers medication-assisted treatment in Marinette. Contact us to talk to a Libertas counselor if you are interested in medication- assisted treatment. A counselor will schedule time to meet with you and explain your treatment options. 

It is also recommended to ask your doctor about medications that aid in recovery. Here are some questions you may want to consider asking your doctor: 
  • In what ways can medications help to support my recovery? 
  • What medication do you think is best for me? 
  • What length of time will I be on the medication? 
  • What else do I need to do other than take the medication? 
  • What other steps can I take to support my recovery in addition to taking medication?
The following CAGE Assessment is a 4 question screening about alcohol and/or drug use. If you answer yes to 1 or more questions, please call our treatment centers in Green Bay (920) 498-8600 or Marinette (715) 735-0095, or contact Libertas online.
  1. Have you ever felt you ought to cut down on your drinking or drug use? 
  2. Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking or drug use? 
  3. Have you felt bad or guilty about your drinking or drug use? 
  4. Have you ever had a drink or used drugs first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover (eye-opener)?
Alcoholism and drug dependence and addiction, known as substance use disorders, are complex problems. People with these disorders once were thought to have a character defect or moral weakness; some people mistakenly still believe that. However, most scientists and medical researchers now consider dependence on alcohol or drugs to be a long-term illness, like asthma, hypertension (high blood pressure), or diabetes. Most people who drink alcohol drink very little, and many people can stop taking drugs without a struggle. However, some people develop a substance use disorder—use of alcohol or drugs that is compulsive or dangerous (or both). 

Millions of Americans abuse or are dependent on alcohol or drugs. All of these people have families—so remember, you are not alone. The fact that your family member is in treatment is a good sign and a big step in the right direction. People with alcohol or drug dependence problems can and do recover.

Learn more about substance use disorder
We have dedicated staff to help you navigate insurance and funding options. Click here for more information or call our treatment centers in Green Bay (920) 498-8600 or Marinette (715) 735-0095.
Libertas offers a comprehensive treatment and recovery program that emphasizes wellness, dignity, and self-respect. Our continuum of quality programs meets the specific needs of each individual and family. Treatment programs use a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, nurses and case managers. 

Our programs identity alcohol and drug use disorder as well as mental health issues, and when someone has both, we treat each concern with its own treatment plan. By treating both disorders, we treat the whole person in order to address all aspects of recovery in a positive manner, for a successful recovery.