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Mission Moments

Monthly mission moments to reflect and pray on weekly.

Statue of St. Francis of Assisi Statue of St. Francis of Assisi


Now that the 8-day celebration of Easter has concluded, have you started thinking about Christmas? The Catholic Church has with its celebration of the annunciation today. We are reminded of Mary saying “yes” to God being with us as one of us (Luke 1:26-38). How are you being asked to make God present among us through your work at HSHS? 


God with us, let your healing love be revealed and embodied through us. Help us to say “yes” to your call in our lives. Amen.

Mission Module

Monthly Mission Module

During this Easter season, we celebrate Jesus the Good Shepherd, the patron of HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital in Shelbyville. Just as Jesus the Good Shepherd provides great care for each creature, we are invited to do the same. As the world celebrates World Health Day on April 7, we remember health as a human right and environmental impacts that diminish human health. As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, we respond to the call to decrease the use of plastics for the sake of the health of human beings and the planet. In Pope Francis’s 2015 letter of Catholic social teaching Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home, he reminds us that the health of individuals and the planet are interconnected.


Speaking about pollution and climate change, Pope Francis writes: “Some forms of pollution are part of people’s daily experience. Exposure to atmospheric pollutants produces a broad spectrum of health hazards, especially for the poor and causes millions of premature deaths. People take sick, for example, from breathing the smoke from fuels used in cooking or heating. There is also pollution that affects everyone, caused by transport, industrial fumes, substances which contribute to the acidification of soil and water, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and agrotoxins in general.” Laudato Si’ #20

Team Discussion

  1. How will you provide great care like Jesus the Good Shepherd?
  2. What steps will you take to address environmental impacts on the human right to health, in honor of World Health Day?
  3. What steps will you take to decrease use of plastics for the health of human beings and the planet, in honor of Earth Day?

Dates to Remember

April - Child Abuse Awareness Month
April 7 - World Health Day
April 21 - Feast Day of HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital
April 22 - Earth Day