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Why Everyone Should Have a Primary Care Provider

January 25, 2024 

Oconto Co. – Nearly one third of Americans, or 100 million people, do not have a primary care provider. These are the health care providers who see their patients on at least a yearly basis to discuss health concerns, conduct yearly exams, help diagnose and treat diseases in their early stages, and aid patients in creating healthy lifestyle choices.

At HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, Prevea Health Centers across Oconto County, located in Lena, Oconto Falls, Gillett, Mountain, and Suring, and at the Prevea Oconto Health Center, primary care providers are prepared to help ensure everyone meets their health goals.

Dr. Stacee Goedtel Birr, a Prevea Health family medicine physician at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital Prevea Oconto Falls Health Center, knows the importance of scheduling annual health exams. Dr. Goedtel Birr and her fellow physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants all provide primary care services to patients across Oconto County.

“Establishing who your primary care provider is and seeing them on at least a yearly basis is important for people of all ages, not just those who are beginning to experience health concerns,” said Dr. Goedtel Birr. “Having a primary care provider who knows their patient’s health history, means they can offer the timeliest solutions for countless health concerns.”

Primary care providers offer patients routine checkups that can help diagnose diseases early, identify unhealthy lifestyle choices and detect indicators of obesity. Most importantly, establishing an ongoing relationship with a trusted primary care provider can help patients avoid health concerns when identified early.

“When conditions like high blood pressure, prediabetes, and high cholesterol are identified early, patients have a much better chance of preventing permanent health concerns which can worsen over time,” said Dr. Goedtel Birr. “An early diagnosis helps ensure a patient has access to the most appropriate tests in a time sensitive manner. If there is an immediate concern, our team of providers can quickly refer a patient to a specialist to determine the best treatment options available.”

Having a primary care provider can also be key to helping patients create a blueprint for long-term optimal health. The primary care teams at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital Prevea Health Centers locations in Oconto County routinely help patients understand what lifestyle choices they should alter to reach their health goals. Through regularly scheduled yearly exams, these providers can better tailor a plan for each individual’s specific health concerns.

“From drinking more water, to taking multi-vitamins, exercising and eating more vegetables, an annual visit with a primary care provider can help patients live their best lives,” said Dr. Birr. “We can help patients gauge their successes and shortcomings and lay out a roadmap to help them reach their health goals.”

To take your first step toward achieving your overall health and wellness goals, schedule an appointment with a primary care provider today at a HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital Prevea Health Center in Oconto County or the Prevea Health Center in Oconto. With multiple health centers across the county, great medical care is closer than you think.

To schedule an appointment in Lena, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Suring, Gillett, or Mountain call (920) 846-8187 or visit prevea.com/closer.
Why Everyone Should Have a Primary Care Provider
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