Joanne’s Story

Patient Joanne
Joanne was only in her early fifties and had already seen several health care providers for knee pain. No one could figure out why she was experiencing such intense pain – the best Joanne got was ‘go home, do your exercises and you’ll feel better.’ 

Immediate relief

That changed when she came to Prevea and met with Prevea Orthopedics surgeon Matthew Colligan, DO, at Prevea Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay. Joanne had heard good things about Prevea Orthopedics and Dr. Colligan. Even at the first appointment, she knew it was the right fit. 

“He told me I wasn’t crazy,” Joanne said. “He was able to take the X-rays and show me bone spurs.” She also had several bone-on-bone areas missing cartilage that were causing pain. Joanne received cortisone injections, which reduced the pain in both her knees. The breakthrough Dr. Colligan unlocked for Joanne was immediate and she felt relief right away. 

On the road to a full recovery

The injections were a big help in the short term, but after several months, the pain in her knees progressed to the point she had trouble accomplishing routine tasks, including climbing stairs and walking into work from the parking lot. 

Dr. Colligan recommended replacement surgery for both knees. There was a small problem, however. Joanne’s son was getting married in a few months, and she was worried that she would be unable to dance on the wedding night! 

Dr. Colligan pursued a timetable that left no time to waste, scheduling the knee replacements seven weeks apart from each other. Both surgeries were successfully performed at HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center.

Joanne says her care with Prevea Orthopedics and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center was smooth sailing all the way! “I’ve compared notes with people who have been cared for elsewhere, and I’ve had no complications and they’ve had complications with the medications or the flexibility [in the new joint],” she recalled. Now, the flight of stairs or walk into work is no longer a challenge for Joanne, and walks have also become a source of recreation and pleasure. 

“I danced all night long!”

Throughout her entire journey, Joanne was impressed by the high level of care and professionalism demonstrated by those who cared for her - from Dr. Colligan to Prevea Orthopedics nurse practitioner Lindsay Cleereman to the Prevea physical therapists who helped her on her road to recovery. The high level of care she received allowed her, a Green Bay resident, to be close to home when it mattered most. 

As for the wedding? Thanks to the care she received with Prevea Orthopedics and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center, it went as smoothly as it could go.  Joanne summed it best when she told us, “I danced all night long!”