Back-to-Work Center

Physical and occupational therapists work together at our Back-to-Work Center to help injured employees return to the workplace. Our work conditioning/hardening programs are individually tailored to each client’s needs, employing the simulation devices, exercise programs and body mechanics education. Our therapists perform functional capacity evaluations in order to evaluate the client's physical tolerance ability if requested by a physician.

Hand Therapy

Our occupational therapy team treats patients of all ages who have sustained a hand or arm injury. Splints for upper extremity can be fabricated by our therapists. A Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) is available for specialized hand injury cases.


Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Pain


HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital offers specialized male and female treatment for these diagnoses in our specialty clinic. Each patient will receive a comprehensive evaluation followed by a customized treatment program for incontinence and/or pelvic pain. The treatment may consist of therapeutic exercises, biofeedback, bladder retraining, manual therapy techniques, scar tissue mobilization and patient education.



HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital offers specialized services to treat lymphedema, chronic swelling or tightness in the arms, legs, or trunk. Our therapists treat lymphedema in numerous ways including compressions bandaging and manual lymph drainage. The patient also receives education and information on exercises as well as care for skin and nails.

Low Vision


Our Low Vision program helps visually impaired patients learn to use their limited eyesight more effectively in daily life.

Pediatric Disorders


A comprehensive therapy program is available for infants, children and adolescents. Physical, occupational and speech therapists coordinate their professional expertise to design treatment plans to help children reach their potential.

Swallow Therapy


HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospitals swallowing disorders clinic offers state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders. Teaming speech language pathologists and radiologists together, we are able to provide comprehensive diagnosis of swallowing disorders using the latest in X-ray technology. Based on the diagnosis, the swallowing clinic can create a treatment program designed to the patient’s specific swallowing deficit. Our team of speech language pathologists are trained in the latest swallowing treatment methods including VitalStim, Pharyngeal Strengthening Exercises and Thermal Tactile Stimulation.

Vestibular/Balance Disorders


HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital offers specialized services to treat vestibular disorders. Our therapists are trained in canalith repositioning maneuvers to treat BPPV. The therapists also treat balance, vision stability, and symptoms of dizziness to improve mobility and function.


Golf Performance Program

The Golf Performance Program at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Outpatient Therapy offers a comprehensive health and wellness approach to local golfers, of any age and skill level, to achieve their goals. The program includes screenings, injury evaluations, rehabilitation and fitness programs centered around each specific player.

TPI (Titlest Performance Institute) is the premier certification program in the country dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing and led by certified physical therapists.

TPI used over a decade of data from players at all levels, including, amateur and PGA tour professionals, to develop its own teaching program designed for professional golf instructors, medical practitioners and fitness trainers to help players achieve the most efficient golf swing.

The Golf Performance Program is available at the McKendree Metro Rec Plex at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Outpatient Therapy clinic, located at 209 Rec Plex Drive in O’Fallon. For more information or an appointment, call 618-624-3668.

This is not a golf lesson or golf instruction.