A Surgical Collaboration


With the da Vinci Surgical System with Firefly Technology, surgeons operate through just a few small incisions. The da Vinci System features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand. As a result, da Vinci enables your surgeon to operate with enhanced vision, precision and control. This contributes to less pain, reduced length of stay, reduced blood loss and reduced risk of complication and infection.

The da Vinci System represents the latest in surgical and robotics technologies. Your surgeon is 100% in control of the da Vinci System at all times. The da Vinci technology translates your surgeon’s hand movements into smaller, precise movements of tiny instruments inside your body.

Firefly™ Fluorescence Imaging


This imaging system allows your surgeon to identify vessels and tissue that otherwise couldn’t be seen by the human eye. Firefly combines a special video camera and a dye that binds to proteins to make those vessels and tissue visible during minimally invasive surgical procedures using the da Vinci.


Advantages of Robotic Surgery

  • Smaller incisions

  • Reduced pain and trauma to the body

  • Less scaring

  • Faster recovery and return to normal daily activities

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For more information on the da Vinci Surgical System, please see Intuitive Surgical or download a Fact Sheet.