Almost Home Features

  • Experience and personal attention that can lead to quicker recuperation

  • All-private patient rooms (bathroom and shower included)

  • No restrictions on visiting hours

  • Around-the-clock nursing, physician and pharmacy availability

  • Room-service meal program for patients and visitors

  • Family inclusion in patient care plan development

What does the program provide?


Combining health care services that address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every patient, the Almost Home Program at St. Joseph's Hospital Highland utilizes a “patient-centered” philosophy that addresses both internal and external healing.

The Almost Home Program is designed for patients who have specific conditions, diagnoses or need extra treatment stemming from certain medical procedures, for example:

  • Recovery from major surgery or joint replacement

  • Recovery from stroke or injury

  • Rehabilitation following an extended illness

  • Require IV antibiotics

  • Require IV nutritional therapy

To complete recovery in the Almost Home Program at St. Joseph's Hospital Highland, call the 24/7 On-Duty Charge Nurse at 618-651-BOND (2663). Download our Almost Home program flyer for more information.