What is a CT?


CT, or computed tomography, produces a detailed picture of the body's anatomical structures by taking cross-sectional images or x-ray slices of the body. It does an excellent job of depicting structures and anatomy.

How is a 64-slice CT different?


64-slice CT scanners rotate around the body, capturing as many as 64 images, or slices, of the body or a specific organ simultaneously. Scanning an organ takes about 5 seconds; even a full body scan only 30 seconds. St. Joseph’s unit significantly reduces radiation exposure while maintaining image quality. For the sensitive tissues of children or for anyone who requires multiple and frequent scans, these are great benefits.

When is a CT scan used?


Physicians use CT scans to examine injuries as well as diagnose and treat diseases and conditions. This can include:

  • Helping to guide biopsies and other cancer treatments

  • Planning and following up on surgery
  • Staging and planning radiation
  • Monitoring chemotherapy
  • Examining injuries to internal organs and vessels

Will my insurance cover this procedure?


The procedure is covered by most private insurance plans and Medicare.

How do I get more information about 64-slice CT scans or schedule an appointment?

Call 618-651-2790 for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment.