Center for Childhood Safety

Center for Childhood Safety’s mission is to be the leading source of safety education and programming in Northeast Wisconsin, dedicated to preventing and eliminating childhood injury. [connect these sentence so it’s all one paragraph] Our partnership with the Center for Childhood Safety allows the opportunity to work closely together on injury prevention programs and keeping our children safe with events like Safety Town.

For a variety of child safety programs and topics from Center for Childhood Safety, including car seats, safe sleep, babysitters and more, click here.

Safety Tips and Resources

Thanks to our partnership with Prevea Health, we work with pediatric medical experts to provide families with a library of resources on various childhood safety topics. Together, we're as dedicated to preventing injuries as we are to treating it, and that means providing you with the resources you need to become confident and knowledgeable in how to protect kids and keep them safe – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing as a family.  

Click here for articles, safety tips and resources on topics such as bike helmets, car seats, Halloween safety, toy safety, summer safety tips like swimming and sun care, playground safety and more.

For prevention and wellness articles related to COVID-19, visit Prevea’s COVID-19 resource library here.