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Place an Order with Mission Outreach

Place an order of medical supplies and equipment.

Boxes are organized into a grid pattern on a loading dock Boxes are organized into a grid pattern on a loading dock

There are two ways Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach distributes medical supplies and equipment: through 40-foot containers that are shipped internationally, or hand-carry orders that people within the United States who are going on medical mission trips can either order for shipment before travel, or pick up from our warehouse in Springfield, Illinois.

The first step is to complete a container or hand-carry application. Please see the process below to apply. 

Note: for any questions please see our FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

After submitting the application and receiving verification,  go to the section below our application processes to reference out Inventory Access.

Container Application Process

Once Mission Outreach processes the application, a conference call will be scheduled via Zoom to discuss the application, funding, and a timeline for completion. The port of entry will be determined, and a shipping quote will be obtained.

A shipping and handling quote is generated and sent to the organization. The customer will be given full access to the online inventory system to shop for supplies and equipment, with the support of our Biomedical and Recipient Services team.

Final contents are confirmed by Mission Outreach and the customer. An invoice is created, and once shipping and handling fees are paid, the container of requested medical supplies and equipment departs from Mission Outreach to the international destination.

Hand Carry Application Process

A hand carry application must be submitted for non-US Midwest Hospital partnerships.

Once Mission Outreach processes the application, we will assign an agency reference number to access the on-line inventory to select items for the order.

We prefer a minimum of 30 days prior to the need by date for pickup or delivery of orders to allow for selecting and preparing the order.

When the order is complete, a packing list will be sent for final approval and a shipping and handling fee quote can be provided. Upon approval from the customer, a final invoice will be generated for the shipping and handling fees.

Inventory Access

 This allows recipients to view our current inventory of medical supplies and equipment. Approved recipients will be assigned an agency reference number to select items. 

Current site is Temporarily offline.

Orders are now being processed through the Temporary Inventory Access link below.  Clicking on the button will take you to our temporary inventory order page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can still apply. In special cases, Mission Outreach will consider adjusting the fee for services. 
Yes, but for the application to be approved and items released, you must clearly demonstarte how the items will be used for charitable care in your mission work. 
We receive many informal requests. By submitting an application, we know you're serious about proceeding and that we should actively begin working on the details for your recipient needs.
Our donors who contribute dollars and products to support our mission want to know where their donations went. By providing feedback, it demonstrates the impact of their support so we continue receiving donations and allows us to make improvements in our mission.
Mission Outreach fundraises to cover the majority of our cost, but we do require that you cover a small portion to help offset our cost for trucking to collect equipment, packaging, inventory maintenance and storage.