Rehabilitation Services

Whether you are recovering from an injury or an illness or living with a chronic condition, HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese Rehabilitation Services are committed to helping you

St. Joseph's offers specialized rehabilitation services to help patients achieve their maximum potential and return to a healthy lifestyle. Our therapists work with each patient and their families to create an individualized treatment plan with realistic goals.

Services are available by appointment at the YMCA affiliated Healthplex in Breese, with additional Physical Therapy services available at the Immediate Care clinic in New Baden. 

Getting a referral

Most outpatient therapy services require a referall from a physician or other health care provider.  Therapy services are generally covered by Medicare and other medical insurances.  Tell your health care provider that you want HSHS St. Joseph's Breese to provide your one-on-one personalized therapy program.  

Please call 618-526-5436 for more information or to schedule your appointment with our rehab professionals. 

Man using a stretching band with assistance from physical therapists

Physical therapy

Our physical therapists use hands-on treatment to help restore normal movement and function, relieve pain and improve coordination after surgery or an illness or injury. Our therapists also provide feedback about prior level of function, special care needs, discharge plans and possible home modifications.

Our physical therapy services

  • Orthopedic Conditions
  • Neurological
  • Post-surgical treatments
  • Concussion Management
  • Fall Prevention
  • Graston/Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Bladder Care and Pelvic Pain
  • Vestibular Treatment
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Scoliosis
  • Oncology Wellness
  • Lymphedema
  • LSVT (Parkinson’s Program)
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Developmental Delays
  • Work-related injuries
Man receiving occupational therapy

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy helps prepare patients to successfully perform daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and home care management. Our highly-skilled occupational therapy team will customize a program to help restore function through:

  • Activities of daily living, such as dressing and bathing
  • Range-of-motion, strengthening and coordination exercises
  • Patient and family education and training in equipment needs
  • Vision and memory training

Our highly-skilled occupational therapy team can customize a program to help restore function through range-of-motion, strengthening and coordination exercises.  Patient and family education, as well as equipment needs, is included as needed. They will work one-on-one with you to:

  • Evaluate a person's ability to return home safely
  • Train a person in self care activities to increase independence
  • Educate a person/family on home equipment needs and home modification recommendations

Typical conditions treated include:

  • Hand surgeries and fractures
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Stroke/Head Injury
  • Paralysis

  • Low Vision
  • Lymphedema management via manual drainage and bandaging techniques
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Wrist/hand injuries
  • COPD/debility

Little girl practicing speech with speech therapist

Speech therapy

Speech therapy may be involved when your communication, thinking or swallowing has been affected by illness or injury. Our skilled speech therapists are specifically trained to restore, rehabilitate and help patients:

  • Regain speaking, reading and writing abilities
  • Improve a patient’s ability to understand what others are saying 
  • Improve a patient’s thinking, math and memory skills, so they can manage their affairs
  • Improving swallowing skills to a safe level with food and beverages

Speech therapy is designed to help patients with disorders, conditions and disabilities improve their communication abilities. Our speech therapy staff works with patients of all ages, from children to senior citizens, to ensure every patient has the ability to express themselves, a trait that heightens confidence and a sense of belonging.

Expression can be much more than just talking. Our professional staff will teach other forms of expression like gestures, body language and signing. Patients who have trouble with forming sentences correctly or recalling words will also find relief through our speech therapy department.

Services offered include:

Adult Services

  • Swallowing Disorders – Evaluation and treatment may include modified barium swallow study, electrical stimulation and oral and pharyngeal exercise.
  • Speech and Language Difficulties
  • Cognitive Communication 
  • Voice Disorders
  • We treat a variety of diagnoses including stroke, traumatic brain injury, head or neck cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS or others. 
  • LSVT Loud specialty program for Parkinson’s disease. 

Pediatric Services

  • Speech Sounds
  • Expressive and Receptive Language Difficulties
  • Social Communication - The ability to appropriately interact with others. 
  • We treat a variety of diagnoses including developmental delays, language delay, articulation and phonological disorders, apraxia, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.