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Prevea Health introduces the only team of certified nurse-midwives in Sheboygan County

October 27, 2023 


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Prevea Health continues to advance the health care offerings for women in Sheboygan County while catering to the specialized needs they seek throughout the region. Recently, Prevea welcomed two certified nursemidwives to Sheboygan: Elizabeth Collis, CNM, APNP, CLC, and Megan Hetzner, CNM, APNP.

As the only certified nurse-midwife team in the Sheboygan area, Elizabeth and Megan provide comprehensive care options for women beginning with adolescence all the way through menopause.

“Megan and I spent over eight years as registered nurses in obstetrics and desired to continue our education by obtaining master’s degrees in nursing and midwifery to offer the community full scope health care options for all women,” said Elizabeth. “From caring for women in our clinic setting at Prevea to assisting with laboring patients at HSHS St.Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan, we can now provide women additional support before, during and after pregnancy, and everything in between.”

Prevea’s certified nurse-midwives also provide routine and comprehensive women’s health care, annual exams, health promotion, wellness counseling, postpartum care, lactation and breastfeeding counseling support, and holistic health care options. Elizabeth and Megan provide their patients personalized care focused on evidence-based research and incorporating mind, body and spirit.

“By encouraging our patients to be an active member of their wellness journey, we get better results,” added Elizabeth. “We enjoy teaming up with our patients throughout their health journey to formulate individualized plans of care and help patients establish a deeper understanding of their health and how to achieve their goals.”

With certified nurse-midwifery care available in Sheboygan, women can also experience the safety and comfort of having their labor and delivery managed by a certified nurse-midwife at HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital. By collaborating closely with Prevea OB/GYNs, Drs. Jessica Leszczynski and Lauren Blue, and the hospital’s clinical staff, Elizabeth and Megan provide labor and delivery support and care in the hospital setting. They also have immediate access to high-risk pregnancy specialists and virtual NICU services should specialized care be needed.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about nurse-midwives I encounter is that we deliver babies in the home,” said Megan. “As Prevea midwives we attend deliveries only at HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital where we can provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients and accommodate their individualized birth plan. Whether they desire an epidural for pain relief, an unmedicated approach, nitrous oxide, or other options, we believe in offering a home-like experience with the resources available should we need them.”

To schedule an appointment with Elizabeth or Megan at the Prevea Sheboygan Health Center, 1411 N. Taylor Dr., please visit prevea.com or call (920) 457-4858.
Prevea Health introduces the only team of certified nurse-midwives in Sheboygan County
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