Prevea Health Gastroenterologist shares what your gut may be trying to tell you

February 28, 2024 

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Many people dismiss digestive health concerns including recurring heartburn, diarrhea, belly pain and changes in bowel habits as just “having an upset stomach.” However, at Prevea Health in Sheboygan and Manitowoc, Dr. Marla Wolfert, gastroenterologist, can help improve a person’s quality of life by reducing uncomfortable symptoms that are often the result of poor gut health.

After identifying the factors contributing to a person’s poor gut health, Dr. Wolfert routinely recommends lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, medications and vitamin supplements to set her patients on the path to a more comfortable life.

“Many don’t realize sugar cravings, food intolerances, weight gain or weight loss, sleeping issues and even fatigue are often linked to poor gut health,” said Dr. Wolfert. “Unfortunately, all too many people think gut health only has to do with irregular bowel movements or constipation, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Some of the most common gut health concerns Dr. Wolfert’s patients experience are acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Often, patients will describe how eating habits can cause various discomforts including bloating, gut distress and a sudden change in their bowel habits.

“I often advise my patients to eat a more balanced diet consisting of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats, while reducing their consumption of processed foods,” said Dr. Wolfert. “Eliminating foods high in saturated fats and processed sugars can also reduce discomfort. But first, my patients and I have to discuss what they are eating currently to determine what could be triggering their reoccurring symptoms.”

Dr. Wolfert can also have blood work done, perform an endoscopy to examine a patient’s esophagus, and test stool samples to determine what is contributing to gut discomfort. Through such tests, it is often determined medications or supplements can provide relief for many symptoms.

Many can also improve their gut health through lifestyle and dietary changes. Dr. Wolfert often recommends adding more whole foods into a person’s diet such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts to prevent the growth of some bacteria linked to diseases and inflammation. Others can find an improvement to their overall gut health by adhering to regular mealtimes, moderate meal sizes, not overeating, getting adequate sleep and reducing stress in their lives.

Each treatment plan must be tailored to the individual and their specific symptoms. Dr. Wolfert has found that, in some cases, medications for pain and constipation can offer quick relief for many gut health concerns. However, the key to finding relief begins with an expert like Dr. Wolfert.

“Before trying a variety of supplements or over-the-counter medications, you have to realize that vitamins and medications are not created equal,” said Dr. Wolfert. “You should always talk with your doctor before taking new medications because sometimes they can actually worsen your symptoms or even damage your gut.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Wolfert at the Prevea Sheboygan Medical Office Building located at 3113 Saemann Ave., or at the Prevea Manitowoc Health Center located at 4810 Expo Drive, visit or call (920) 457-4400.

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Prevea Health Gastroenterologist shares what your gut may be trying to tell you
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