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Brian's Story

“I was told that I would be in good hands here in Sheboygan, and it felt good knowing that I wouldn’t have to travel to Milwaukee or somewhere farther away, ” said Brian. “Treatment can make you tired and weak, and it was nice to be so close to home.”
Brian, a Sheboygan Falls resident, was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer after he discovered a growing lump on his neck. Like many who receive a cancer diagnosis, Brian and his wife, Kim were left feeling scared and uncertain of the future.
“It was one of those moments other people have that you don’t think you’re ever going to have,” recalls Kim. “It feels like the world is crashing in on you.”
The Pagels say the compassionate, well- coordinated care Brian received at HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital Cancer Center helped to ease the fear and stress they felt. During five months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, the doctors, nurses and staff became like family to them.
“They’re all very friendly, they’re all very professional and they’re all very caring,” said Brian. “You can tell they really care about what they do.”   
And when his cancer treatment was complete, Brian regained his strength and ability to return to work and everyday life with the help of cancer rehabilitation through the Anew℠ Cancer Survivorship program at HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital Cancer Center. “The therapy I had after my cancer treatments really helped me to build up my strength, stamina and dexterity,” said Brian.
Brian remains cancer-free and grateful to all of those at HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital Cancer Center who helped him become the survivor he is today.