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Prevea Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery isn’t often associated with children. Yet, plastic surgery is important for those affected by accident, injury, surgery or congenital conditions.

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Sometimes it helps with your child’s confidence and appearance; other times it can enhance their day-to-day activities and movement.

No matter what your child needs, Prevea’s team of plastic surgery professionals will work with your child to ensure the best outcome. Prevea Health’s board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon and hospital surgical team have the expertise to care for your child.

Some of the most popular conditions that would be appropriate for a plastic surgeon to treat include web fingers, abnormalities, breast asymmetry, burns, lacerations and extra fingers. Pre- and post-operative visits would occur at a Prevea Health center in Green Bay, and surgery would be performed at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital or St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center.