In 2016, approximately $360,000 in funds were allocated from HSHS St. Elizabeth's Foundation for the purchase of a second 3D Mammography.  The purchase of this equipment ensures the high-level of 3D capabilities will be available at both the future Belleville Health Campus and at the new facility in O'Fallon.

This state-of-the-art technology allows St. Elizabeth's Hospital to offer 3D Mammograms, as a compliment to the current 2D services, for patients meeting certain criteria including those who have a strong family history of Breast Cancer, and patients with dense breast tissue.

On average 3D mammographpy, or digital breast tomosynthesis, has the ability to detect 40 percent more cancers than 2D mammograms by providing a clearer picture to the reading radiologists.  3D mammograms also take less time, with a rapid scan time of under four seconds total, which helps to improve patient comfort and lessens the risk of motion.  The system also streamlines workflow for mammogram technologists, providing for great efficiencies and providing a more comfortable experience for patients.

Any way it is measured—by participation, by annual giving, or as a planned gift for the future—giving to St. Elizabeth's Hospital matters. It matters to our patients, who benefit from expanded opportunities for healthcare excellence. It inspires our colleagues who utilize philanthropy to provide compassionate patient services. It heartens the entire St. Elizabeth's community, who rely on a healthy philanthropic program to sustain and build the mission of the hospital. 

Recent Examples of Foundation Funding:

• 3D Mammography Machine for Imaging  

• Zerio-G Treadmill for Rehab

• Arctic Sun Temperature Management

• System for the Critical Care Unit

• Xenex Disinfection Robots for Environmental Services

• 3D Echocardiography for Heart and Vascular

• New SUV and Protective Equipment for Security

Annual Giving Categories

  • Champion (10K+)

  • Pacesetter (5K+)

  • Benefactor (2,500+)

  • Advocate (1,000+)

  • Partner (500+)

  • Associate (250+)

  • Friend (100+)