Current Guidelines

Effective May 27, 2022

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital will re-open the main lobby entrance to visitors. Visiting hours remain the same and are 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., 7 days a week. All visitors must be 18 years of age or older. Medical-grade masks are still MANDATORY within all health care facilities.

Visitor guidelines at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital are as follows

  • No one who is currently positive for COVID-19 but asymptomatic or has been asked to quarantine based on possible exposure to COVID-19 should visit the hospital unless seeking medical attention


Emergency department/UrgiCare: 

  • Adult emergency patients - One visitor who must stay in the patient's room for duration of visit.
  • Patients with intellectual and/or developmental disability or cognitive impairments may have one support person.
  • Pediatric emergency patients under the age of 18 may have two parents or guardians present.


Inpatient Units

  • Adult inpatients: Two visitors per patient per day during the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Pediatric inpatients: Two parents or guardians allowed.
  • Women & Infants Center: One main support person who must remain the same for the hospital stay and a second visitor allowed each day.
  • Inpatient end-of-life: Two visitors at a time.

Surgery (inpatient and outpatient): One visitor to stay in identified area for the duration of the surgical procedure.

Outpatient diagnostic and therapy services: One visitor may accompany the patient or wait in designated waiting areas.

COVID-19 positive patients
Two visitors per patient per day will be allowed for COVID positive patients. Visitors of COVID positive patients must check in with nursing staff before entering a room to be provided with the mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) for their safety. As the pandemic has improved, the adequate supply of PPE has allowed St. Elizabeth’s to provide this protection to families and visitors. It is also recommended that visitors of COVID positive patients leave personal belongings at home, as purses and bags will not be allowed in the patient’s room.

Approved support persons must be over the age of 18 unless they are parents of a child receiving care and will continue to be screened upon entering the facility for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. NO VISITORS ALLOWED for patient under investigation for possible COVID-19 diagnosis and those confirmed positive for COVID-19.

Family members and loved ones should provide nursing staff with their contact information and may call (618) 234-2120 to check on their loved ones. 

Phone Calls


Loved ones can be checked on by calling the hospital at 618-234-2120. Family and support persons should make sure to provide the nursing staff with their contact information. In addition, St. Elizabeth’s is working on ways to facilitate electronic communications for those who wish to utilize them including use of iPads and the EASE app to allow real-time updates and videos to family members.

Wireless Internet


St. Elizabeth’s is proud to offer free wireless internet access to our patients and their visitors.

Considering Patient Privacy


St. Elizabeth's appreciates visitors considerations of our patients’ right to privacy. At any time while visiting friends or loved ones, visitors may be asked to leave the patient room in order for the physician or nursing staff to privately discuss the patient’s care.