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We offer a wide range of services for mothers and infants

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We want all of our mothers, babies and families to enjoy a safe, private and supportive environment during their stay with us

Getting to Know Us


Unfortunately, tours are not available at this time but will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

If you are interested in learning more about delivering with us, we invite you to participate in a group information session, which includes a tour of the Women and Infants Center. The sessions are approximately one hour and are available twice weekly on varied days and times. You may attend one of these sessions anytime during your pregnancy by calling 618-234-2120 ext. 31260. Registration is required.  

If you are a scheduled Cesarean Section, please call us at 618-234-2120 ext. 31260 for a private pre-admission appointment with a tour.

Pre-Admission Process

To assist in a smooth admission, please call the Pre-Access number at 618-222-4639, press #2 after 28 weeks of pregnancy.  The Pre-Access colleague will need your demographic information to prepare for your admission to the hospital.

Labor and Delivery


The Women and Infants Center at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital provides quality care to pregnant women and their families throughout the birthing process. Our anesthesia providers are available 24 hours a day to provide epidural placement and other pain management, as needed. Hydrotherapy tubs are available for mothers-to-be, (who meet safety guidelines), as a pain relief alternative to epidural treatment.

After you and your closest loved ones have welcomed your new baby in your private labor, delivery and recovery room, you will be transferred to your private post-partum room. We encourage rooming in for you and your baby. Dads are encouraged to stay as well!


Welcoming the New Arrival


A diverse team, including a childbirth educator and a clinical resource nurse are available to you after the birth of your baby. Our maternity nurses are skilled at helping new moms and babies learn how to breastfeed, and our lactation counselors provide extra support. We smooth the transition to home with individualized instruction and a customized education program, including safe sleep information and educational tools you can view in the privacy of your room.

Private Rooms

Private rooms allow mothers, babies and families to enjoy their time together in privacy. During this time, we are conscious of your need for privacy, and you will find staff knocking before entering your room.

Well Baby Nursery

We believe all new parents should have choices. One of these options is our Well Baby Nursery, available whenever you need rest. The amount of time your baby spends in your room is your choice, and the dedicated colleagues of the Women and Infants Center will work with you to accommodate your wishes. Our Nursery staff is flexible and willing to provide comfort and safety so you are able to be well rested prior to going home.

Intermediate Care Nursery

The Intermediate Care Nursery provides private rooms with a recliner, sleeper sofa, and refrigerator for breastmilk storage, which allows family to bond with their baby and participate in his or her care. Plus, a dedicated bathroom, with a shower, allows family members convenience of immediate access and the ability to maximize the amount of time with their new infant if health needs extend their stay.